Chapter Fourteen: After The Awakening

I conclude the book with a recap about what an awakening is and what life CAN be like when you awaken and continue to work towards being love. When you surround yourself with love into your life you no longer live in torment of your past and you now have all the power and courage to create the most beautiful future. Life is a wonderful gift. You can be anything, why not Be Love...

Chapter Thirteen: Free Will Versus Willingness

There really is only one thing left to understand and that is whether you are willing to surrender the will of your mind and accept the will of your soul. You may feel like there is a new you after listening to these chapters. The old you is standing directly beside you with enough momentum to take over the new you. You will have a lot of sideways movement, backward movement, and of course, forward movement on your trek to enlightenment and this chapter clarifies that this is okay and expected.

Chapter 12: The Creative Side of God

As an artist, I have developed an intimate relationship with creation. Creating is not just what I do to make a living … it has helped me learn how to live. Working with my creative side has taught me a great deal about letting go and trusting. The nature of creativity is such that it draws from the unknown and manifests itself into the known. It is a gift given to us. Your ability to channel creativity will help in many areas of your life. It can help with problem solving and decision making. Every aspect of your life, from work to play and rest, can be enhanced by allowing creativity to use you. Working with creativity can become a way to live. In this chapter introduce some thought provoking ideas around the nature of creation, where it comes from and how it relates to God.

Chapter Eleven: Meditation

Meditation: Is it a practice or a study? How do we meditate? What are the benefits to it? Can anyone do it? Is it even real? These are all very valid questions that I know I had about meditation, mainly because I have heard so much about it and never spent much time with it. In this chapter, I offer some great tools to begin practicing meditation and I dispel many things that are misunderstood with the practice.

Chapter Ten: Unity

This Chapter is split up into two parts. First I share what the concept of unity means and how to bring a deeper sense of Unity with ourselves and God, as well as with others. In the second part I share several stories from my personal experiences with others and how we can create unity in our community. By looking at the qualities in others that we value and finding compassion and acceptance of others, we draw the experience of unity to ourselves and our community.

Chapter Nine: Finding Our Purpose

Have you ever thought to yourself whether you are truly living a life that is purposefully yours? Are you using your heart to guide your decision making for what is right for you? Do you ever hold yourself to old standards in how you used to be rather than what you can become? Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I will” and watch your world begin to change.

Chapter Eight: Letting Go

The baggage that you hold onto from your life experiences can be the very things that are holding you back from living a purposeful and love filled life. Why on earth would you be willing to carry the weight of your traumas on your back for miles and miles if they weren’t providing you with an opportunity to live a more peaceful life?

Chapter Six: Relationships Part one: Emotional Healing & Growth Through Relationships

Without question, this two-part section of the series will change your outlook on how to operate within the relationship you have with others, but more importantly how you look at the relationship that you have with yourself. You cannot possibly love another until you love yourself, and so with that being said the first part … Continue reading Chapter Six: Relationships Part one: Emotional Healing & Growth Through Relationships

Chapter Four: I Am Love

This is a fundamental chapter. Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to choose love when we are put in a challenging position. But what would happen if you chose love more than not? You may be surprised how choosing love will radiate the earth around you.

Chapter Three: I Am Strong

Chapter Three - I Am Strong: How do we walk through our vulnerabilities? What lies beyond our fears? What happens when we pour devotion into our life? How do we become empowered? These are some questions that are answered in this chapter. This particular chapter contains some incredible wisdom to help us live beyond our fears and find ourselves in a far more empowered state.

Chapter One: The Mind

Chapter One - The Mind: Did you know that you experience up to 100,000 thoughts per day? Most of us wouldn’t either believe this statistic or realize that our minds are constantly being bombarded with thoughts to that degree. To add to this, a majority of them are negative. In this chapter, we explore the mind’s tendencies, how to better manage and use our minds, and why it is so important to just be cognizant of the realities of what is going on with our mind day to day.

The Doorway of Study

The doorway of study is something that helps us in our discovery of self. If we don’t take any time to study the wisdom that has been shared by others, we can become trapped in our own limited beliefs. Learning what others have shared about spirituality opens our minds and sometimes leads us deeper into our own understandings. There is so much wisdom that has been passed down through the ages that to reject what has been shared would be a loss.

The Door of Silence

In this session I explore the door of silence. In the door of silence, we discover peace and the true nature of our soul. The silence is not only where we find peace and discover ourselves it’s also a doorway into our relationship with the divine. In the silence we find an endless source of wisdom that we can access. Beneath our mind and emotions, a whole new world awaits you, all you must do is, sit quietly until the silence becomes a love song in you.

Seven Doors of Self Discovery: The Door of Surrender

In this session I explore the door of surrender. Surrender is the ability to let our mind go. There are many opportunities for us to master this in our lives. When we reject what is, for a position in our mind, we remove ourselves from our peace and may be missing all the blessings that surround us. Surrender is a transient door that we pass through for many times after we surrender, we find ourselves in the door of silence or love. Surrender promotes grow and change, if we stay stuck in what we think we know we may never discover a deeper truth about life and the true nature of our soul.

Embracing Kindness

In the video Seamus Evely offer's some sage advice about communicating more effectively with the people around you. As we social distance ourselves from others, we may be feeling like we are over stimulated by our family at this time. We may also be experiencing strong emotions as our stress builds; communication is a powerful tool to have in these times. Giving space and grace for your family may be just as important as the space we are giving to others.

Finding your Hearts Wisdom

In this video Cassandra Nadalin share's some tools to help people connect with their hearts wisdom. She offers her story about her dark night of her soul and how her experience now is to trust more deeply and to always stay connected to the wisdom that lives within.

Embracing Others

In this post Krissie Scott offers some tools to help us communicate with others. Sooner or later, we will find ourselves in situations where compassion is needed. The ability to cope with our own emotions is the bridge to accessing our compassion, allowing more harmonious communicate to happen.

A Personal Story about Bullying and the Path to Healing, with Lisa Dumas

In this interview she share's with you her story about being bullied and how that experience caused her life to spiral downward. Feeling trapped with her growing anxiety and frequent panic attacks she decided that she was going to overcome her problems and claim her self-worth. She shares Three tools that helped her climb her way out of her panic and anxiety. These simple, yet powerful tools can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Jeremy Schulz

Jeremy is more than an inspirational guy, he is a man with a vision and a cause. In his early childhood he struggled with being bullied at school because of his turrets and stuttering problem. However, Jeremy found an outlet to help him grow beyond his situation, drumming became his therapy and solution to his situation.

Meditation Series

We are excited to announce that we will be adding a meditation section to Umatter. Over the next few months we will be recording a complete series to teach you how to begin a meditation practice or how to deepen your current practice of meditation.

Awakening Session 14

Session Fourteen - After the Awakening: At the end of the series we recap about what an awakening is and what life CAN be like. Work towards being love. Put love into your life and everything around it. Don’t live in torment by your past and be brave and accepting of your future. Life is a wonderful gift.