Chapter Thirteen: The Divine Feminine/Masculine

I have been contemplating the masculine/feminine polarities for many years, not knowing how to express what was churning inside me. As I’ve worked toward raising my awareness of these polarities, my life began to change. These changes helped me flow with life and interact with the world around me more harmoniously. Balancing our masculine and … Continue reading Chapter Thirteen: The Divine Feminine/Masculine

Chapter Eight: Moving Beyond the Current Reality of What IS

Chapter eight offers some practical information and tools that help you deepen your experience of the silence. I also address some of the issues that we are currently facing. As we move into higher consciousness, we need to create fertile ground within us. Clearing away illusionary beliefs and reaching toward unity consciousness helps us create … Continue reading Chapter Eight: Moving Beyond the Current Reality of What IS

Chapter Four: The Transient States of Consciousness between the Layers

Chapter Four The Transient States of Consciousness between the Layers Positive Affirmation: Absolute perfection resides within this moment. Nothing is out of place or needs to be different for me to be at peace. This chapter offers brief summaries of the transient states of consciousness we experience as we move between each layer of the … Continue reading Chapter Four: The Transient States of Consciousness between the Layers

Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

This chapter breaks down the soul into four layers.  Illusion — Maya Personal/ Individual Soul—Jivatman  Universal/Supreme Soul—Paramatma  No Soul / The Supreme Existence or Absolute Reality— Brahman These four layers describe the soul and the changes that occur in our consciousness as we begin to evolve and know ourselves better. The meaning and depth of … Continue reading Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

Awakened Audio Book – Introduction

Copyright © 2021 by Ned Burwell First Edition 2021 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information browsing, storage, or retrieval system, without permission in writing from Ned Burwell. Editor: Matthew Gilbert Umatter publications 1713 Richmond … Continue reading Awakened Audio Book – Introduction

Chapter Fourteen: After The Awakening

I conclude the book with a recap about what an awakening is and what life CAN be like when you awaken and continue to work towards being love. When you surround yourself with love into your life you no longer live in torment of your past and you now have all the power and courage to create the most beautiful future. Life is a wonderful gift. You can be anything, why not Be Love...

Chapter Thirteen: Free Will Versus Willingness

There really is only one thing left to understand and that is whether you are willing to surrender the will of your mind and accept the will of your soul. You may feel like there is a new you after listening to these chapters. The old you is standing directly beside you with enough momentum to take over the new you. You will have a lot of sideways movement, backward movement, and of course, forward movement on your trek to enlightenment and this chapter clarifies that this is okay and expected.

Chapter 12: The Creative Side of God

As an artist, I have developed an intimate relationship with creation. Creating is not just what I do to make a living … it has helped me learn how to live. Working with my creative side has taught me a great deal about letting go and trusting. The nature of creativity is such that it draws from the unknown and manifests itself into the known. It is a gift given to us. Your ability to channel creativity will help in many areas of your life. It can help with problem solving and decision making. Every aspect of your life, from work to play and rest, can be enhanced by allowing creativity to use you. Working with creativity can become a way to live. In this chapter introduce some thought provoking ideas around the nature of creation, where it comes from and how it relates to God.

Chapter Eleven: Meditation

Meditation: Is it a practice or a study? How do we meditate? What are the benefits to it? Can anyone do it? Is it even real? These are all very valid questions that I know I had about meditation, mainly because I have heard so much about it and never spent much time with it. In this chapter, I offer some great tools to begin practicing meditation and I dispel many things that are misunderstood with the practice.

Chapter Ten: Unity

This Chapter is split up into two parts. First I share what the concept of unity means and how to bring a deeper sense of Unity with ourselves and God, as well as with others. In the second part I share several stories from my personal experiences with others and how we can create unity in our community. By looking at the qualities in others that we value and finding compassion and acceptance of others, we draw the experience of unity to ourselves and our community.

Chapter Nine: Finding Our Purpose

Have you ever thought to yourself whether you are truly living a life that is purposefully yours? Are you using your heart to guide your decision making for what is right for you? Do you ever hold yourself to old standards in how you used to be rather than what you can become? Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I will” and watch your world begin to change.

Chapter Eight: Letting Go

The baggage that you hold onto from your life experiences can be the very things that are holding you back from living a purposeful and love filled life. Why on earth would you be willing to carry the weight of your traumas on your back for miles and miles if they weren’t providing you with an opportunity to live a more peaceful life?