Having Faith

In this post you will meet Angela Dacey. We talked about how we can overcome our struggles and the importance of inserting a little faith in our lives.

Angela is a Personal Development and Colour Therapy Expert. She has been an inspiration to many. Angela helps you to detox your thoughts so that you can live life colourfully. Using colour therapy as her tool for success, Angela offers insightful tools, tips and advice to help you on your journey of self discovery. She is also the author of the book “Live Life Colourfully: Healing…One Colour at a Time.”

One thought on “Having Faith

  1. Dave Bentley says:

    Hi Ned..great video…What is being said here is the same as what has been espoused by Ramana…suffering is the anvil that will bring you to your knees…when the soul has properly ripened then you will have the “ears” to hear…also a great time to realize that we do need the association of saints and sages in order to make progress…face to face…exchanging energies…Love you both…Ty…d

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