Wellness Radio Show with Dr. Jeanette

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ned Burwell, author of Be Love: A Book About Awakening, to share his spiritual journey to love.

Our experiences, our stories, our scars and our joys are all important to share and hold as reverent in the soul journey. What do you hold deep in your heart that wishes to be touched and held? Can you let go of the struggles and pain to make room for the spirit that wishes to dance and love?

What is love? Are we love already? Are we trying to find ‘it’, in someone else, something, or some place? Are we living from an outside existence or an inner space and time of our eternal being?

What is the awakening all about? Do we compare stories, or share them to find a safe place to land?

Cosmic consciousness, can you live from the ethers and opening your doors to the new energy that is flowing?

“Darkness is the silence place within us, it’s where the light gathers”, shares Ned. How essential is darkness to the process of engaging the light?

What are thoughts and emotions; do you find yourself stuck in a phase and look longingly at the others but do not know how to transcend this physical reality?

Be Love: A Book about Awakening is about the love of life, human, others, emotions, needs and the process we are currently in as expanding our spiritual being.

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