Meditation Series

We are excited to announce that we will be adding a meditation section to Umatter. Over the next few months we will be recording a complete series to teach you how to begin a meditation practice or how to deepen your current practice of meditation.

Awakening Session 11

Session Eleven - Meditation: Is it a practice or a study? How do we meditate? What are the benefits to it? Can anyone do it? Is it even real? These are all very valid questions that I know I had about meditation, mainly because I have heard so much about it and never spent much time with it. Ned has a great deal of experience with mediation and gives us some great tools to begin practicing meditation and he also dispels many things that are misunderstood with the practice.

Awakening Session 5

Session Five - Awakening To The Moment: If we spend more time in our minds being distracted from the moment we are in, how much of life are you actually experiencing? It is absolutely essential that we live in the moment that we are in. This is the only way that we have the opportunity to experience life the way it was meant to unfold.