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This will be an online presentation, the live feed will be on April 4th at 11:11 am for one hour.

There is a great deal of power generated when people gather in the spirit of love and healing. Our goal is to bring people together to send healing and love into the world.

We will begin with a few words of inspiration on the importance of love and connection.

Next, we are doing a 30-minute meditation/prayer/chant for healing and peace

We will close the hour with an open dialogue of gratitude.

About UMatter

Initially, UMatter was a response to the issue of suicide in our local community in Southwestern Ontario. The site has grown in reach since then, but its primary aim and purpose remain the same: to provide tools for self-empowerment.

There are four different sections to the site, listed below. Peruse them in whatever order you find is relevant to you. There is no right or wrong way to read what’s here.

Lessons: This section provides tools and suggestions to help you work on your mental health and well-being.

Inspirational stories: At UMatter, we recognize those who have been inspirations in our community. This section tells some of their stories.

Articles: This section features a selection of articles that you may find informative and interesting as you travel your own path.

Awakening Podcast Series: This is a new section of UMatter, added on during 2018. The Awakening Series is a fifteen-part interview between host Seamus Evely and the author and creator of UMatter, Ned Burwell. After Ned published his first book, Be Love, Seamus approached Ned about doing an interview about it. The interview became more of a conversation, which then turned into a fifteen-part series.

Meditation Series: If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to meditate, or simply want to deepen your current practice, this free five-part series will guide you.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” goes the old saying. Step one is simply deciding to begin your personal journey of self-empowerment, of learning a deeper love for yourself and others. UMatter will guide you through the next steps on that lifelong path. Our mission is to give you some of the tools you’ll need to support you as you continue to make positive changes towards personal growth.

Ned’s books are now available through Amazon.

The Umatter motto:

“Be Love. Be loving to the world. Be loving to others. Most importantly, be loving to yourself.”

Got an idea?

Do you have an article, a lesson or an inspiring personal story about yourself or someone else? Send the details to 1nedburwell@gmail.com

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  1. Glen Swatman says:

    Just wanted to say thank you Ned. The presentation you gave was so inspiring and touching . I’m not one to stay focus on one topic for very long. But you kept wanting to hear more. I will definitely be looking into your site as well share your cards and passing the word along of your site

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