Meditation to Release Trauma and to Reclaim your Power

This guided meditation was designed to help people release trauma and to reclaim their power. I have combined two different healing techniques to assist people in this process. Often our traumatic experiences get trapped in ourselves, we stay stuck in our emotions and associated memories of our difficult experiences. When we change our relationship to our past this opens us to heal and move beyond our past. In this short meditation I have the listener bring up an experience they wish to heal, this is the first step. Next, they watch the experience without going into their feelings. I gently guide the listener to just watch the memory as if it were a movie. Next, I ask the listener to call up a memory of a time they felt love or when they loved another. I invite them to allow the feeling of love to permeate their body, once the feeling of love has washed over them I direct them to project all that love onto themselves during the traumatic event they have called up in their mind. Next, I ask the listener to reach in and hug themselves and to pullback that part of themselves that may be stuck in the past.

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