Ep. 5: Becoming Un-Resistible

This episode discusses resistance and how it blocks us from moving forward. When we move into resistance, we only attract more of what we don’t want, we miss the opportunity to hold our focus on what is purposeful to our lives. Everything that comes into our lives is a creation that we have drawn to us. If we are surrounded by creations that we are resisting, it’s time to evaluate what we have been holding our focus on versus pushing against what is coming to us. And if we continue to maintain focus on what we want, eventually, we move into an experience that we no longer want or need to resist.

One thought on “Ep. 5: Becoming Un-Resistible

  1. KellyCiriello says:

    Great presentation guys!!

    MANY amazing reminders infused into your talk. Being human is quite the adventure to be sure!

    Much gratitude to you both for the profound “knowing” that you share each and every day. Lincon and I very much enjoyed listening to your podcast today.
    🙏🙏 Peace and joy to you both, now and always

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