Free copy of “Be Love: A Book About Awakening”

In effort to keep spreading love at this time I am giving away a free copy of my book “Be Love.” I hope it helps you discover your greatness and the peace that lives within you.

About Be Love: A Book about Awakening

Be Love is a book that challenges the reader to look deeper within themselves. What makes this book unique is that I present complicated concepts and distill them into an understandable and easy to follow format. Another unique factor about this book is that, it was written for the beginner and for the advanced seeker of truth. Be Love addresses the most fundamental aspects that keep us stuck in our mind, stopping us from experiencing oneness with the Divine. It holds the readers attention because it’s relatable, inspiring and thought provoking. The beginning of the book has a subjective focus. I talk about the nature of the mind, emotions, thoughts and thinking. The middle is more object, as it guides the readers to look at their relationship with the material world and how they interact with others in their relationships. The end deals more with deepening your understanding of your soul and your relationship with the Divine. I share personal stories throughout the book and at the end of each chapter I offer tools to deepen your experience with the material.

Be Love was written to appeal to a wide array of people. The first half of the book provides a fresh approach to maintaining better mental health and the last half is directed to the spiritual seeker of truth. Be Love is a practical guide to move the readers out of the maze of the mind, freeing them to experience a deeper understanding of themselves.

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  1. Joe yateman says:

    Thanks bro damn u got Deepak Chopra giving props wow !! Lol good job im kinda shocked lol 8 was into Sahara yoga for several learning g about meditation quieting the mind to connect with spirit very awesome stuff and quite necessary in our day and age …congrats

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