Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

This chapter breaks down the soul into four layers.  Illusion — Maya Personal/ Individual Soul—Jivatman  Universal/Supreme Soul—Paramatma  No Soul / The Supreme Existence or Absolute Reality— Brahman These four layers describe the soul and the changes that occur in our consciousness as we begin to evolve and know ourselves better. The meaning and depth of … Continue reading Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

A Personal Story about Bullying and the Path to Healing, with Lisa Dumas

In this interview she share's with you her story about being bullied and how that experience caused her life to spiral downward. Feeling trapped with her growing anxiety and frequent panic attacks she decided that she was going to overcome her problems and claim her self-worth. She shares Three tools that helped her climb her way out of her panic and anxiety. These simple, yet powerful tools can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Jeremy Schulz

Jeremy is more than an inspirational guy, he is a man with a vision and a cause. In his early childhood he struggled with being bullied at school because of his turrets and stuttering problem. However, Jeremy found an outlet to help him grow beyond his situation, drumming became his therapy and solution to his situation.