A Personal Story about Bullying and the Path to Healing, with Lisa Dumas

Lisa Dumas, Vancouver, BC

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Lisa has an incredible story about living with disordered panic and chronic anxiety, both of which stemmed from being bullied in her teen years. In spite of her tough beginnings, Lisa has moved on to become a teacher and an inspiration to many.

Lisa is a yoga therapist and transformational coach. She is also a podcaster and an avid blogger. She offers one-on-one self-discovery sessions and hosts workshops and retreats for groups.

In this interview, Lisa shares her story about being bullied as a teenager, and how that experience caused her life to spiral downward. Ultimately, feeling trapped with her growing anxiety and frequent panic attacks, she decided that she was going to overcome her challenges and reclaim her self-worth.

Here, Lisa shares three key tools that helped her climb out of her panic and anxiety. These simple yet powerful tools can be used by anyone, any time, anywhere.

Below is a link to Lisa’s website, where you can explore her blog and podcasts.


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