Jeremy Schulz

If you haven’t heard about Jeremy Schulz then let me introduce him to you. Jeremy is more than an inspirational guy, he is a man with a vision and a cause. In his early childhood he struggled with being bullied at school because of his turrets and stuttering problem. However, Jeremy found an outlet to help him grow beyond his situation, drumming became his therapy and solution to his situation. In his early Thirties Jeremy found a mentor and friend that believed in him and helped Jeremy to claim his place in the world. His friend and mentor gave him the courage to go back to school and persue his dreams of becoming a drum teacher. Eventually Jeremy ventured out on his own to open his own drumming school.

His vision and passion to teach drumming in a more holistic way sets him apart from most. He not only teaches his students drums, he teaches them what he calls the “Four Core Principals,”

  1. Connection
  2. Discovery
  3. Empowerment
  4. Positive Self Esteem

His Next Great Adventure

On April 20, 2019, Jeremy will begin paying it forward one mile at a time, as he sets out to walk across the United States. He will be walking from The Brooklyn Bridge in New York to the Sundial Bridge In Redding California. A 3900 mile journey to raise both awareness and money in an anti-bullying campaign to support “Fight For The Forgotten,” a non-profit organization founded by Professional U.F.C.’s Justin Wren. While setting out to reach his goal of $250,000 for this campaign through his own organization “Beats For A Cause,” Jeremy will not only be collecting pledges for “Fight For The Forgotten, he also be giving out free drum lessons to his fellow American citizens, regardless of past drumming experience. Anyone wishing to join Jeremy on the walk to end bullying,are encouraged to do so. If you are not able to help on this level of participation, please help Jeremy with your donation big or small, like and share these posts and track his journey empowering those without a voice. If you wish to support through Umatter blog, we will ensure 100% of your donation is immediately forwarded to “Beats For A Cause”.

Here is link to donate directly to Jeremy

Beats For A Cause 

His idea for “Beats For A Cause,” came shortly after moving to NYC. A week after moving, his home town in Redding California caught on fire.
Jeremy had childhood friends, aunts and uncles who lost everything. He was left with a feeling of helplessness being that he was living all the way across the country.

The only way he could think about helping was to offer free 20 drum lessons in exchange for donations to the fire victims. He had other Beats From The Core teachers reach out to him and ask how they can be a part of helping with the cause; thus Beats For A Cause was born. 

Each year I pick a cause and find a way to promote and raise money for that cause.

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