Overcoming a Diagnosis

An Interview with

Brittany Raycraft


Overcoming my Diagnosis

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had post traumatic stress (PTSD) and borderline personality disorder. Having both has been very difficult to manage. Growing up I was bullied because of my condition, which caused my disorder to become very severe. At the age of twenty-four, I woke up in the ICU after a life-threatening suicide attempt. My suicide attempt became a turning point, I decided to take charge of my mental health and my spiritual journey began. My PTSD is caused by various experiences with sexual assault as I have grown up, I have experienced both assault as well as rape, physically and mentally abusive relationships.

Being creative has always been a therapy to me. It gives me an outlet to express how I feel. It also connects others who have been through similar feelings and experiences. Through self-expression we show others, they are not alone in their suffering. My mission is to be an open person, in doing so I hope that my personal journey helps others feel more support, feel less alone and inspires healing. This is why I decided to become a tattooist. To help others.

Through my journey of spiritual discovery and creativity, I have learned how to honour myself. I have been able to see that my disorder can be embraced and channeled as a unique quality about myself. “I am an energy that channels healing for others.” Often, mental disorders carry a stigma that we are broken and can never be fixed but in fact, we are the empaths of this world, the shamans, oracles and healers. We have been very misunderstood, both by ourselves and others.

The more we embrace our spiritual gifts, the more balance we will feel. We in turn honour why we are truly here as conscious beings. This is the reason why I have survived, and have risen above my disorder and traumas.


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  1. Keiran Jeffery says:

    Thank you for sharing Brittany. I appreciate you mentioning being an empath as there is a correlation between being an empath and having a mental disorder. Congratulations to you for finding your own and channeling yourself for the better. Maybe this will influence others to recognize that in themselves.

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