Awakening Session 13

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This is a series created from the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening” authored by Ned Burwell. This series is a guide for people who are seeking a life of purpose and peace told through the life experiences of Ned Burwell. The material is told through a variety of concepts, practices, anecdotes, and experiences. Hosted by Seamus Evely

The Awakening Podcast series was created to give you the tools to live a more purposeful and peaceful life through the teachings of Ned Burwell, author of the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening”.

Session Thirteen – Free Will vs Willingness: So by the end of this series you may begin to feel the gravity of this series and how your life can be changed. There really is only one thing left to understand and that is whether are willing to surrender the will of your mind and accept the will of your soul. You may feel like there is a new you after hearing these sessions in quick succession but guess what? The old you is standing directly beside you with enough momentum to take over the new you. You will have a lot of sideways movement, backward movement, and of course, forward movement on your trek to enlightenment and this session clarifies that this is okay and totally expected. 11e0a1b11ae1

Tools for Session 13

  1. Reflect on how you use your free will. Do you follow your mind, or do you look deeper within before you make big life decisions?
  2. Ask yourself: What is the will of my soul? Take some time with this question. Ask yourself before your mind takes hold, like before bed or when you first awaken. Then write down your answer. Another tool is to ask before you meditate. During the meditation, let go of the idea that you will receive an answer. Your answer may just come when you least expect it.
  3. Make small steps at surrendering the will of your mind. Notice where and when you can let go of little wants and desires. Work this into your relationships with others, staying present with the moment. Surrender your desire to leave this moment to endlessly chase thoughts in your mind.
  4. Take time to work at developing your ability to listen to your heart. Make life an adventure. Spend a day following your inner guidance. 1. Start by becoming quiet. 2. Listen and watch for clues. When it feels right or when you get a nudge or a sudden knowingness, act on it. 3. Do whatever your guidance is telling you. For example, go for a walk. If you are guided, stop into a store. Allow whatever comes. The fun part is to just trust, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. The longer you work at being guided, the more interesting it gets.
  5. As you keep practicing surrender, bring as much love into your interactions with self and others as you can.

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