Awakening Session 12

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This is a series created from the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening” authored by Ned Burwell. This series is a guide for people who are seeking a life of purpose and peace told through the life experiences of Ned Burwell. The material is told through a variety of concepts, practices, anecdotes, and experiences. Hosted by Seamus Evely

The Awakening Podcast series was created to give you the tools to live a more purposeful and peaceful life through the teachings of Ned Burwell, author of the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening”.

Session Twelve – The Creative Side of the Soul: Both Ned and I feel that this is one of the more far-reaching and compelling episodes of the series. Ned discusses his concepts on creation and how it works according to what he believes. I would definitely try to maintain an open mind with this because chances are, your mind will have a difficult time trying to comprehend some of this. Whether you choose to believe what is said or not, it is incredibly interesting what Ned has to say here. f11e0

Tools for Session 12

  1. Do you have any blocks with your creativity? You may be more creative than you think. Make a list of all the things in your life that require you to be creative. Try to see how creativity is already in your life.
  2. Practice letting go of your mind while creating. This will help creativity flow better.
  3. Think of every thought, feeling, or action you make as a creation that is making your reality. Keep this in mind as you go about your day. Watch how the things you have your attention on move into your life.
  4. Take some time to look at what is in your range of trajectory. Where are you pointing? What have you put yourself in alignment with? The answer is your trajectory.

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