Awakening Session 14

Session Fourteen - After the Awakening: At the end of the series we recap about what an awakening is and what life CAN be like. Work towards being love. Put love into your life and everything around it. Don’t live in torment by your past and be brave and accepting of your future. Life is a wonderful gift.

Awakening Session 13

Session Thirteen - Free Will vs Willingness: So by the end of this series you may begin to feel the gravity of this series and how your life can be changed. There really is only one thing left to understand and that is whether are willing to surrender the will of your mind and accept the will of your soul. You may feel like there is a new you after hearing these sessions in quick succession but guess what? The old you is standing directly beside you with enough momentum to take over the new you. You will have a lot of sideways movement, backward movement, and of course, forward movement on your trek to enlightenment and this session clarifies that this is okay and totally expected.

Awakening Session 8

Session Eight - Letting Go: The baggage that you hold onto from your life experiences can be the very things that are holding you back from living a purposeful and love filled life. Why on earth would you be willing to carry the weight of your traumas on your back for miles and miles if they weren’t providing you with an opportunity to live a more peaceful life? This is a very heavy session, and personally one of my absolute favorites in this series. A lot of what is said in this session spoke to me on a very personal level and woke me up. I hope it does that for you too.