Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

This chapter breaks down the soul into four layers.  Illusion — Maya Personal/ Individual Soul—Jivatman  Universal/Supreme Soul—Paramatma  No Soul / The Supreme Existence or Absolute Reality— Brahman These four layers describe the soul and the changes that occur in our consciousness as we begin to evolve and know ourselves better. The meaning and depth of … Continue reading Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

Awakening Session 5

Session Five - Awakening To The Moment: If we spend more time in our minds being distracted from the moment we are in, how much of life are you actually experiencing? It is absolutely essential that we live in the moment that we are in. This is the only way that we have the opportunity to experience life the way it was meant to unfold.

Awakening Podcast Session 2

Session Two - Beyond The Mind’s Desire: Do your desires serve your soul or do they serve your ego? It can be easy to become swooped up by the temptations that life present us. With all of the luxuries in the world that are being thrown in our face, it can be easy to fall victim to desires. We can also believe that happiness exists in the things we want, but sadly it is only a matter of time before our minds come up with the next thing to chase. If we have peace within, we no longer require temporary relief through the acquisition of thing after thing after thing.

Letting Go (click here is do this lesson)

In concept, letting go is the easiest thing to do, but in practice it can be one of the hardest things to master. How do we let go? What holds us back from letting go? Not letting go keeps us trapped in limiting mindsets, it keeps us in relationships with people that are not healthy for us and most of all, not letting go allows our past to keep a firm grip on us.