Awakening Session 10

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This is a series created from the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening” authored by Ned Burwell. This series is a guide for people who are seeking a life of purpose and peace told through the life experiences of Ned Burwell. The material is told through a variety of concepts, practices, anecdotes, and experiences. Hosted by Seamus Evely

The Awakening Podcast series was created to give you the tools to live a more purposeful and peaceful life through the teachings of Ned Burwell, author of the book “Be Love: A Book About Awakening”.

Session Ten – Unity: This is the longest episode in the series and the most story-filled from the life experiences of Ned Burwell. Some of the things we discuss are how people often look to see themselves in other people and this is one of the most common things that unifies us to others. We also look at how people should try to look closely at the qualities in others that they value, striking up conversations in person, and living more in the world rather than on social media. There are many interesting observations that we make about our society in this episode.

Tools for Session 10

  1. For an entire day, try to find something you admire in every person you meet. If you want to take this one step further, after you find something you like about another, let them know.
  2. Do you spend enough time talking with people face to face? If you interact more on social media, take some time for real time conversations. A good sign that you are out of balance with your phone is when you are visiting someone and, during your visit, you keep checking your phone or start a conversation on it with someone else. While visiting someone, it is courteous to keep your phone put away.
  3. I challenge you to try to start a conversation with a stranger every time you go out.
  4. There are many organizations you can join and volunteer with. Be brave and join one in your community.
  5. Dedicate yourself to being kind to everyone you meet. Show others respect by engaging with them in a kind and gentle approach.
  6. I challenge you to find time to spend with a senior in your community.
  7. Next time you find yourself condemning or criticizing another, try to catch yourself and change your thoughts by looking for what you can bow to in them.

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