Laurie Padington

Since I was a little girl my passion and focus has always been on helping others. I remember at the tender age of 4 my Grandfather telling me that I was going to help many people and change lives. He was right.

Throughout my early adulthood I experienced trauma from abuse in its many forms. This left me feeling used, broken and lost. It is by the Grace of God I am here today to pay forward what I have learned in overcoming these traumas and to help others that are going through similar experiences. My journey to recovery has been ongoing.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I have since founded and now facilitate an online Fibromyalgia support group and have a community page where I advocate and spread awareness for chronic pain and mental health issues, treatments and coping strategies.

In 2005 I decided to put my passion and focus for helping others to good use. I went back to school and started my path to becoming a Social Worker. I studied Social Work and Psychology and graduated with highest honours. In 2007/2008 I continued my education and graduated with honours as a Social Service Worker. I have worked, volunteered, advocated and fundraised for various agencies, charities and non profit organizations since then. I am a certified Peer Support Counsellor, Certified Respite Support Worker and have been trained in Crisis Intervention including suicide prevention. Mental Health has been a major component in my training.

I am truly blessed, honoured and excited to become a member of the You Matter team. I look forward to learning and growing through the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

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