Being raised small town taught me the value of seeing each person as an individual. Growing up in a time before hand held electronics,cell phones and computers gave me the perfect environment to absorb life at my own pace. My passion has always been to serve from the heart and I believe both the strong morals and importance of community I was taught ,has lead me to where I am able to support others today in their journey. My own path has been one of considerable strength,pain and personal triumph.I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse,I have been on both sides of the medical system,both as a long-term patient with chronic illness and as a health care worker and experienced many other common traumas many would identify with.I have overcome addictions,fears and replaced them with courage and wisdom. Living life as an observer ,has taught me kindness,patience and most of all compassion in abundance to share with those who cross my path. It is my hope that every persons who crosses Umatter’s path,will also find the connection they are seeking,with themselves and with us,your support community.

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