kristi Rockley

Near 20 years of dedicated service and experience as a police officer and police trainer, with Waterloo Regional and York Regional Police Departments, have contributed to Kristi’s skills as an effective instructor, coach, and facilitator. She is well-versed in researching, creating, and presenting reality-based experiences and instructional workshops, lectures, and conferences. Kristi encourages and challenges individuals and teams, to further develop their awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. A self-motivated learner for over 25 years, Kristi has investigated and attended a wide range of workshops, trainings, and courses (police, civilian, and animal). She has earned extensive and diverse instructor qualifications throughout North America. Kristi considers learning and personal-discovery to be an ongoing, life-long journey. Kristi enjoys working with both animals and people, and is committed to the highest level of integrity and excellence, both personally and professionally.

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