Chapter Ten: The Reality of What IS

Chapter ten holds some challenging topics that I feel are important for the seeker to understand. It starts with an intimate story about my father’s passing, the story illustrates the importance of letting go of the baggage we carry. 

 Chapter Ten

The Reality of What IS

Positive Affirmation: There is no time or space in inner space, and I Am everything I see.

The reality of what IS becomes knowable through many aspects. I will start with a deeply personal story about my father.

In the final moments of my father’s life, he revealed a gift that I will cherish forever. For five days, I sat and watched him slowly leave this world as he gracefully shook off his body. The doctors and nurses kept reassuring us that it would be any day, and finally, on the fifth day, I suddenly awoke at around 5:00 am as my wife and mother were heading to bed. I went to sit with dad while they were taking some rest. Shortly after Mom and my wife fell asleep, I noticed dad’s breathing start to change. For days, I had been telling dad that “We would be okay, just go when you are ready.” However, at that moment during the early hours of the morning, something felt different. When his breathing changed, I leaned forward, took my father’s hand, and said to him, “Dad, it’s time to go.” He gave three short breaths and passed away.

My father was the first person to hold my hand, and he continued to hold it for most of my life. However, he also allowed me to become my own man in the world. Now there I was, holding his hand at the end of his life, inviting him to journey into his next life. I spent the first part of my life trying to live up to my father until I realized I could never fill his shoes—but also that I was more than capable of filling my own. I realized this because of how my father lived. He never tried to do or be anything that didn’t fit him.

The most beautiful part of this experience was that at the moment my father passed, the room suddenly filled up with his presence. There was not an ounce of space in that room that he did not occupy. In the final chapter of my book, Be Love, I wrote about “unwrapping the body” to let our soul shine in the world. I witnessed my father unwrap his body at the moment of his passing, and his soul was so immense that it permeated me and the entire room.

As we drop our sense of self, we unwrap the body. The density of our flesh and bones becomes pure light, allowing our soul to shine. We become the lamp that lights up the world, and our presence helps dissolves the density in others. The gift we give ourselves of unwrapping the soul becomes the legacy that we leave the world. The great masters who came before us made their greatest impact not by their outward deeds but by their deep inner awakenings. As those masters awakened, they unwrapped their souls to shine forth into the world. Had they not done so, their impact would have been far less significant.

Generally, we unwrap ourselves one layer at a time, but sometimes many wrappings will fall away at once. Either way, don’t pay attention to what we leave behind. If you spend too much time looking back, you might pick back up all the things you just let go of. We can stifle or undo our growth and healing by revisiting our past. So keep all of your focus on the moment at hand and embrace the beautiful light you carry. We shine our most brilliant light when we love, for love is the vehicle that carries our light. Love has no limits; nothing can hold back its power. We limit the power of love when we refuse to share it freely. As we continue to unwrap layer after layer, the layers begin to unwrap themselves, for it is consciousness that does most of the work.

Unwrapping the Concept of Time

In my book, Be Love, I wrote about how our past is changeable from this moment, and I backed up this theory with a story about a university study. In it, student participants were divided into four groups. Some were told to study only before the exam, others before and after the exam, and some only after the exam. The final group was instructed not to study at all. The students who studied before and after scored the highest and those who studied after taking the exam scored better than those who didn’t study at all. The results were conclusive. The students changed the results of their exams from an event that happened after it had taken place!

At the time, the only way I could explain this phenomenon to myself is that life unfolds in non-linear fashion. It is our mind that turns reality into a linear progression. When we look at the concept of time, it is nothing more than a collective agreement. Events occur, and when we look back at them, we might line everything up in a different order or dismiss some events that happen as random. When we look back at how we accomplished a goal, we can find many instances of how the conditions for success began to appear before we even created our goal. I have often looked back and thought, “Gosh, I’m so glad that ….” I was grateful that certain conditions appeared, because they led me to where I am now. As I wrote earlier, I believe that the future sometimes shows up early, and that what we do in the future creates conditions in the present to support the reality we will eventually experience.

The following image illustrates how time moves in a linear reality:

The next image shows how time moves in a non-linear reality.

But how do we relate the above information to our lives today? The key is what we do now. It is essential to place ourselves in the presence of this moment and then get on with living our life. The present moment is what changes everything, backwards and forwards. By being present, we catch everything that shows up. We might not know why certain conditions, people, or experiences show up, but if we stay present and flow with our daily activities, everything we experience will eventually start to build a bigger picture. If we are called to take on a task we think is too big to handle, we might want to think twice about our resistance. Our true potential is often three steps ahead of our conscious awareness of what we think we can achieve or do. I especially believe this is the case when it comes to following the Will of our soul. We are never too old to live our purpose. The last five years of your life could be more valuable than the previous forty. We may be able to accomplish twenty years of work in two. It boils down to how focused and dedicated we are to submerging ourselves into whatever is happening in the moment at hand.                                                  

The Gap between Perception and Reality

It can be difficult to discern the size of the gap between our perception of reality and reality itself. However, closing that gap is needed to keep evolving and growing on the path. When we justify our perceptions, we often don’t realize that we have left reality. We sometimes do this with friendships. We may assume that our friends don’t care about us or hold negative opinions, but if we don’t communicate and validate such thoughts, we can make decisions about the other person that aren’t true. Our mind can persuade us—or we persuade our mind—into believing just about anything. Fortunately, we have five primary areas of connection for experiencing a deeper reality than what our mind tells us is so. I have already discussed most of them at length in this book, but they bear repeating:

  • The silence within
  • The present moment
  • The people around us
  • The world around us
  • A history of knowledge shared by others

If we repeatedly invite friends out for a drive and never leave our driveway, they might eventually stop showing up. Closing the gap between perception and reality is equivalent to getting out on the open highway. Along with the five areas of connection above, we close the gap by engaging with life and becoming more conscious.

There is no one way or one book that offers everything we need. Most of what we need to know to discover the reality of what IS happens by living our lives and reaching into love. The many teachings and philosophies of the world serve as a great tool. Again, the interior silence is our ultimate teacher for becoming more conscious, but what is consciousness? All life arises out of consciousness. It is the mysterious substance that makes up both physical and non-physical reality. It is the potential of the unmanifest. It is God. Creation is the movement of this consciousness, and so if consciousness is God, and we seek higher levels of consciousness, we are seeking to become more godlike. Becoming more godlike removes our limited perceptions and places us in the depths of reality!

Before we begin to awaken, we live within the confines of linear reality based in part on Isaac Newton’s first law, which states that an object will stay at rest—or does not change its motion—until a mass with a greater force acts on it. In the non-linear domain, the law of cause and effect doesn’t exist. Consciousness itself is the creative force that moves energy into mass. The unseen force of consciousness controls all that moves into the physical world. Understanding consciousness moves us into a place where we can become the ruler of the physical reality we live within. After we awaken, we discover that the physical reality that appears to be solid and stable is not as solid as it appears. At a certain point in our evolution, everything changes. If you recall from an earlier chapter, Paramatma rules Maya because the state of Paramatma is the doorway to the non-linear domain while Maya is firmly rooted in linear Newtonian law.

Bringing it All Together

Our consciousness sets out on a journey of drawing in more consciousness, allowing our creative endeavours to access a domain of unlimited potential. However, we unlock that potential not by educating our minds but by creating an environment to directly experience consciousness—to directly experience God.

We live the reality of what IS when we unwrap our soul and let its uninhibited light shine out into the world. The Will of our soul (our purpose) is the most relevant task to fulfill. It makes no difference how old or young we are when we awaken and begin to follow our destiny. It makes no difference because the time we have is not as limited as we might think, and we can change the dynamic of our lives at any point. The future we will soon experience has the potential to move mountains in the here and now. As we reach deeper into the reality of what IS, we narrow our focus and become more conscious of the choices we make and the trajectory we are lining up with. We start by learning about the nature of consciousness, then we cultivate a space for consciousness to grow within, and finally, we work with moving consciousness by following the guidance that arises in the silence within and living a heart-centred life.

Subjectivity versus Objectivity

By understanding the reality of what IS, we come to see the world as a subject instead of an object.

The physical world is a conversation that the Divine is communicating through form. We collectively add to this conversation by the lives that we live.

 What once may have seemed like a hidden reality is not so hidden once we awaken. Our role in physical life is to awaken and participate in this reality using the guidance of our soul. By unifying with the soul, the division between ourselves and the world dissolves. The reality is that you and I and the world around us have never been “objects.” There is no you. The personal “I” we dissolve is nothing more than a passing thought. The same way fire burns material objects, the fire in the soul burns away the false reality of our programmed self. We become the dust that is spread by the wind. Once we awaken, we are nothing and everything.

There is only one reality: the reality of what IS—all the multi-dimensions of this one reality collapse into the totality of God. Our role is to live in a place in which we become conscious enough to rest in this reality and live our life unfolding this truth. When we can reconstruct our physical reality to model actual reality, we will bring heaven to earth.

Tools to Deepen Your Experience of this Chapter

  1. Spend the day shining your light on everything you do and everyone around you. Hold a presence of love for everyone you meet and pour love into everything you do.
  2. Zoom up as many moments as you can by dedicating all your focus to the moment at hand. Then, if your mind moves away from the moment, gently return your focus to what’s in front of you.
  3. Look for signs of the future showing up early in the people, experiences, and objects that show up in your daily life.
  4. Ask yourself, What is consciousness? Then sit and meditate on this question for twenty minutes to an hour. Allow the answer to rise out of the silence. This not a thinking exercise; it’s a watching and listening exercise.
  5. Spend a day imagining that there is no division between you and everything and everyone around you. For example, when sitting on a chair, imagine you are the chair. When you see another person, imagine you are the other person.

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