Chapter Two : Light Emerging

Chapter two starts with breaking down creation. It tackles, what is creation, how does do we tap into it to harness the power and it gives the listener tools to begin to use creation as a way to live their life. Next, this chapter talks about purpose. It expands the information sharing in the book “Be Love: A Book about Awakening.”

Chapter Two

Light Emerging

Positive Affirmation: My life is a creative endeavour that is a gift from the Divine.

 If you think about creation, what comes to mind? Do you identify creation as what we do with our hands and minds? Creation is a vast subject that embodies far more than creating physical objects or creative projects such as writing, designing, and so on. All that we think, feel, and do sets forth creation into the world. The way we dress and communicate with others also sets forward a creation. The light of the unmanifest comes into the world by the grace of God, and our soul’s purpose is to consciously serve that creative process by listening to the silence within and acting on what we hear or feel motivated to do in our lives.

Breaking Down Creation

It’s important to break down the mechanics of creation. Understanding how creation works and its nature, gives us the ability to harness the power of creation on a much deeper level. There are two aspects/polarities that are fundamental to creation, the masculine and the feminine. Nature teaches us a great deal about this process. In the making of children, the masculine is the seed (the unmanifest) and the feminine is the seed’s expression (manifest.) The completion of that creation moves through the feminine. Our creations work the same way; creative energy moves into us, gathering in the darkness of our interior silence within. This gathering of creation/light is the masculine aspect of God. When we express the light, it’s the feminine aspect of God. Our creations express the absolute radiance of both polarities. Once our manifestations come into the world, they become a mirror for us to see God. The reflection we see does not make up the totality of the Divine. Rather, it offers a glimpse into the vastness of God.

In my last book, Awakening, I wrote about how the material world of form blinks in and out of manifestation. The purpose of creation moving into form is for God to evolve through its parts. By exploring itself through form, God expands into deeper dimensions of itself. I’ve always believed that God was evolving me, this belief fits when we think we are separate from God; however, all of creation—including us—is evolving the Divine. Because we are God. If we are evolving, and nature evolves, why wouldn’t God itself evolve?

Light gathers in the darkness, and when it moves into this world of form via the “Mother” or “Divine Feminine,” it maintains its connection to God the Father in the process. For years, I could not understand why I sensed femininity while I was tattooing. Now I get it. The movement of creation is the Divine Feminine in motion. The entirety of God cannot completely move out of its place in the unmanifest, so the Creator moves through the movable aspects of itself.

That which comes into creation in the physical world maintains an ongoing relationship with the unmanifest. The explanation of particle theory offers insight into how this works. Anything that comes into the material world continues to move simultaneously between manifest and unmanifested states of being. When we magnify an object, we see that it’s composed of atoms. Inside each atom, there is a solid nucleus. Now, if we magnify it further, we will find more empty space and a smaller piece of matter. As we keep magnifying the nucleus, we discover that matter blinks into and out of existence. It appears and then disappears. All physical matter is here (solid), but simultaneously not here. My theory is that it returns to God, to the unmanifest, and with its return, it evolves God.

When the movement of light creates form, it doesn’t stop moving. What appears to be solid and stationery is not. Our perception leads us to believe that physical objects are just that—solid matter suspended in the here and now. It’s the observer’s mind that understandably makes up this false reality. Because everything is in a constant state of change, it’s essential to embrace change and remain unattached to what comes into creation. In this way, we evolve with God in a “live feed” that never becomes redundant, detaching ourselves from the illusion of the mind and form. The soul has no attachment to creations. Only the mind holds attachments.

Our Role in Creation

We must learn to flow with creation. Just as God blinks in and out of creation, we can do the same, embracing the manifest and the unmanifest. For example: Give yourself to this moment with absolute presence; this is you “blinking” into the body and the presence of this moment. Next, move your attention to the silence within to acknowledge God within you. The idea is to not get stuck in either place. We touch God, and then bring our attention to what is around us. This keeps us in constant communication with both the manifest and the unmanifest.

By learning to hold our focus on the present moment and the silence simultaneously, we disengage the mind. It’s the mind that tethers us to objects, experiences, possessions, beliefs, and addictions. By maintaining a relationship with the silence, we release that attachment. We cannot be liberated by God while attachments imprison us. The entrapment of the mind prevents the free flow of creation. When we flow with creation, the sense of self and the mind disappears. Being free of the mind settles our nervous system and helps us experience the presence of God. This unattached place is our natural state.

Creation moves at its own speed with Divine timing. We do not force creation to move; rather, we surrender and allow it to move us.

Knowing our place in creation brings forward the beautiful light that has been gathering in the darkness of the silence. One of my greatest joys is watching creation arise out of the silence. Being an innocent witness to creation and knowing our role moves us into deeper surrender and an overwhelming sense of humility that comes from gratitude for being chosen to co-create with God. Creation is a gift that chooses us with Divine timing and cosmic accuracy. This gift deserves our reverence. Ego has no place in the process.

Embracing the Light

“The voices in your mind that you think is you, are a barrier to your freedom.”

– Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya~MKI

It can be challenging to see the light within during long periods of struggle, let alone embrace something we cannot see. However, these are times when vast amounts of light are gathering—calling us to move creative energy. Again, the greatest challenge we face is the mind. In times of transition and fear, the mind goes into overdrive with repetitive thoughts and intense emotions. These thoughts and emotions become barriers that stifle our growth and block creative energy.

“Life in transition needs to be characterized by attentive inactivity, so we might discern what is emerging in the world.”

– William Bridges

The late management consultant William Bridges wrote a great deal about the topic of transitions. In his book, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, he shares the concept that change is a time of “attentive inactivity.” I think he used the word “attentive” because we must find new ways of doing old things during the darkness of transition. When we are attentive, we can watch for the light of creation to come forward out of the silence.

Where we were before our dark period is not the same place we will be after a transition. And during a transition, we are not in a place of stability. Transitional periods require us to set down the mind and have faith. We must imagine a new life for ourselves. In dark times, great potentials become real possibilities to explore, forcing us to move and grow.

The light of creation is always at hand. Look around and take in the fact that you or someone else co-created most of the physical objects you see. God arranged all of these potentials in the unmanifest, and the light of creation moved them into physical form. What privilege surrounds us! This realization automatically moves us into a state of gratitude. By embracing everything—and everyone—as a sacred expression of the Divine, we experience the Divine presence they hold.

The light emerging from within us is the lamp that lights the world. It lights the world because it’s our purpose becoming manifest. Our duty is to embrace the light and allow that creation to flow. The deeper meaning and importance of allowing our light to come forward reveals itself as we continue working with creation. Embracing the light also means welcoming the countless forces of creation that have been set into motion by others. Maintaining such openness helps us join with others to co-create.

Creation has the power to enable meaningful connections. We amplify our ability to bring creation forward when we align with others. Life is a co-creation of light collectively shared; the light of many becomes one expanding purpose. Imagine a world where we are all moving the light of creation for the betterment of the collective. We could move the gift of creation into a much deeper domain. Our collective passions and purpose would go through a mega-evolution because we are now combining our light with the light of others. When we add our light to another’s, it has an exponential result. It doesn’t just double the light we have available to use, it multiplies our potential way beyond the contributing factors. By fulfilling our purpose and the purpose of others, we collectively bring Divine Will to the world. We can choose to create our lives based on fulfilling our desires, but that is only a fraction of the potential we can harness from within. For example, nobody has benefited from me owning a big-screen TV. However, when I have followed my purpose, I have manifested beautiful creations that have positively impacted thousands of people, such as my UMatter site (a free online mental/spiritual health resource. and my BLove movement (a series of fundraisers I did to raise money for local charities).

Expanding the Layers of Purpose

In my first two books, I shared a great deal about purpose—how to find it and live by its guidance. To go deeper into purpose, we must look at the collective purpose of our collaboration with others. For many years, I steadfastly worked on what I thought was my purpose. With my head down, trudging forward, I missed many purposeful moments with others. My purpose wasn’t the only one that mattered; there is a collective purpose that calls for our participation.

There are two sides to purpose. On one side, we have a purpose within us that’s meaningful to our personal growth and expanding our consciousness. The other side of purpose is how we serve and evolve the world around us. Sometimes we confuse the two, or we think that following our purpose will earn us a living. Not all purpose is a singular life path or a means to make money. We are here in this form to awaken, live our purpose, and interact with others in a greater purpose. We can keep ourselves busy for the duration of this life and the next one as well if left to our own devices. But the time we set aside to involve ourselves with the purpose of another can be mutually sustaining. Collaboration with others is another aspect of embracing the light. When we join our energies with others, we amplify the potential and power inside both of us. When I reflect on my most purposeful times, I realize they have been when my creations supported and involved others.

There is a vast multilane highway of creation going on all around us. The mind can’t begin to perceive the vastness of creation that is flowing in this world. There is an interconnectedness between each of us and with creation. Our job is to be present and notice when it’s our time to give and participate in the flow. Doing so enhances our purpose. Our lives are not separate events happening in time and space but multidimensional experiences that play out through all time. Our connection to the whole of creation is beyond what we could ever conceive. Even the small acts we partake in can add significant value in the larger context of creation. As we awaken, we learn how to maintain a connection with the moment at hand. We become aware of how and what to give. What we support today might be the very thing that comes back to help us tomorrow or even many years down the road.

One Small Purposeful Act

One small, purposeful act ripples throughout the entire universe, creating and allowing new songs to echo in the soul of the Divine.

Balancing the Light of Creation

Being in balance with the light of creation means knowing what to surrender ourselves to. Fortunately, our intuition guides us in this process. Tapping into our intuition can be as simple as asking ourselves, “What do I need to do?” When an idea comes to us, it’s our job to sit with it and wait for a knowingness within that will guide us in this process. But first we must become quiet enough to hear the instructions. The silence speaks several decibels lower than our mind, so the key is to silence our mind. Some of the guidance that comes to us from within might not make sense to us mentally, but it is aligned with the greater context of life.

The guidance we receive is also influenced by what is already in the process of becoming manifest. We never know how the moment we are in will help us in a future moment. A “random” encounter with a stranger, can bring opportunities that we would have never experienced without meeting that stranger.  For example, many years ago, I was walking down the street, and as I passed a Native man, our eyes met, and we both stopped to talk. This became a four-hour conversation that ended up in my living room before we finally parted ways. During our conversation, the man told me what street he lived on. The next day, I walked up and down that street knocking on doors. I finally found him and asked if he would teach me more about native culture. This started a friendship that lasted the entire summer. I learned a great deal from his teachings and have carried them forward. Had I not stopped and given him my attention that day, and then followed my intuition to find him, I would have missed all the gifts he had for me.

The challenge is to become quiet enough to listen, brave enough to act, and patient and consistent enough to follow through.

The endless stream of decisions we make and thoughts we think, move thousands of both small and major manifestations into our lives and the lives of others. If balance and responsibility are not in place, we misuse the power we possess.

When I started to see creation as a gift rather than claiming it as something “I did,” a greater appreciation flooded me. Instead of prideful, egoic arrogance, I feel humble, soulful gratitude. Whatever emerges next out of the light will be a mystery and a gift for the world and me. Working with the light of creation is a powerful tool we can use to grow our relationship with the Divine. Understanding creation and our role in manifesting our life and purpose widens and deepens our path. As that path becomes wider and deeper, the Divine will call on us to bring more and more light into the world. Then, we will not just be movers of light. We will be the Light Emerging.

Tools to Deepen Your Experience of this Chapter

  1. Spend twenty minutes looking for a reflection of the Divine in the image of a beautiful painting. Observe not with your eyes but with your heart. Feel the presence of God in the picture. You can do this same exercise by gazing at nature or wildlife.
  2. When you meditate, start by placing your attention on the stillness within. Then, after a moment, move your attention to your body, where you are sitting, and the room around you. Once you have a sense of your body and the environment around you, shift your attention back into the silence. Let go of any thoughts or feelings and put all your focus on the stillness within. Continue to do this for twenty minutes to an hour.
  3. Spend a day embracing everything around you as a sacred expression of the Divine. Take note of how your day flows and how this affects your perception of the world around you.
  4. Everything you think, do, and say is a creation. Spend a day being mindful of these things. Then, spend a few minutes at the end of the day reviewing how it went. Did you change anything in your day because of this practice?
  5. Look for ways you can help others achieve their goals. Offering to help another is an excellent way to start being of service.

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