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Chapter One: The Beautiful Darkness

Chapter Two: Light Emerging

Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Soul

Chapter Four: The Transient States of Consciousness between the Layers

Chapter Five: The Discovery of What IS

Chapter Six: Connecting with God

Chapter Seven: Virtues on the Path

Chapter Eight:  Moving Beyond the Current Reality of What IS

Chapter Nine: Life is Change

Chapter Ten: The Reality of What IS

Chapter Eleven: So’ham = “I Am That”161

Chapter Twelve: Becoming Spiritually Un-Enlightened

Chapter Thirteen: The Divine Feminine/Masculine

Chapter Fourteen: Raising the Divine Feminine

About the Author

Dedication and Thank You

I dedicate this book to the serious seeker who is willing to do whatever it takes to dissolve the false reality that obscures the pure radiance of God within. May this book open your heart to the deeper dimensions of the reality of Love.

Thank you to Theresa Corman for all you love and input for this book. A very special thank you to my editor Matthew Gilbert for all your hard work and dedication.


This book is for the devoted seeker. A great deal of it came through me as a gift by the Grace of God. Our state of consciousness is the culmination of all the awakenings and experiences we have. When we reach enlightenment, we are liberated from our mind and become completely aware of the Divinity that lives within us all.

Over the years, I’ve studied spiritual texts that were hard to understand and apply to everyday life. With this book, I wanted to share material that is useful without being dogmatic or prescriptive. It thus brings clarity and conciseness without using jargon that dilutes or complicates the concepts presented. I wrote it in simple terms that break down complex ideas, making them easier to comprehend while also offering tools to apply them directly to your life. Some of the ideas in this book might not fit in with a mainstream paradigm that favours linear, logical thinking. I knew from the start that this material might cause some conflict with readers. Challenging one belief can often trigger the re-evaluation of other interconnected beliefs.

Still, I needed to bring a certain logic to the abstract ideas pouring through me, and that was one of my greatest challenges while writing this book. As I reread it, I experienced again how the material moves me into a place of humility and gratitude for all the wisdom that came through me.  ve others by writing this book, and I still do, but it has ended up serving me in the process as well.

Where this Book Came From

In my first book, Be Love: A Book about Awakening, I offered instructions for those just starting out on their spiritual path. I define “awakening” as the gradual expansion of individual consciousness. As we become more aware of our mind, body, and spirit, our experience of life and ourselves changes. Our awakenings help us heal and grow and experience a deeper sense of the peace that resides within. In the book, I provided some groundwork for readers to change their relationship with the veils/false reality that cover the pure, radiant self. I pointed readers in the direction of silence. However, a seeker of truth must still “walk their own path.” In addition, we must follow our hearts to find our unique purpose within. No two paths to enlightenment are the same. How could they be? The particular path that connects you to the Divine is between you and God.

After finishing Be Love, I knew that more books were waiting to come forward, but I didn’t know what I would write. Well, two more books followed. The first, Awakening: The Be Love Companion Book, was inspired by an interview with Seamus Evely for his podcast “DrumGab.” Even though Be Love had nothing to do with drumming, he felt that his online community would enjoy and benefit from hearing about my book. Seamus and I explored questions we felt readers of Be Love might have after reading it. In addition to deepening the reader’s experience, my goal was to ground all the abstract concepts presented with logic, in an effort to help stabilize the reader’s experience.

Awakened: The Reality of What IS goes in a much different direction than my first two. It’s for dedicated seekers of truth and those seeking to invoke remembrance of our Divinity. It’s for those who are well along their spiritual path and want to reach deeper into the greater awakenings that await them. The teachings that came through me while writing this book might be new to many – they certainly were for me. I wanted to access information that is not available from current spiritual authors, and to do so, the material had to come directly from the silence within instead of my thinking mind. Awakened was written to inspire seekers to move deeper into that silence.

The first portion of this book explains our role of becoming co-creators with God and how Creation moves into the physical world. Creation comes to us as energy or what I call light within, and our role is to move that light into the world around us. Our lives are an elaborate creation; what we think and do sets forth creations in the world. Next, I present the layers of the soul and a map that offers insights into the experiences that can unfold through the different stages of awakening. The middle portion of this book grounds and stabilizes the reader to help create an environment for the deeper awakenings that come. The last portion deals with learning how to balance our Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine and what these two polarities represent.

Caveat: The first two chapters contain challenging concepts for the mind to grasp. Take some time to contemplate the deep meaning between the words.

Meeting the World After Your Awakening

Life is but a short walk down a long road well travelled by many sages and saints. Finding meaning and value is the first step toward reaching our heart of hearts. Our job is to keep letting go and following the path that already exists within our soul. The burdens of life will fall away as we grow in consciousness and “awaken” to the realization that we have been living in a false reality.

On this path, there are several stops along the way as we experience numerous minor and major awakenings. What comes after our awakening is just as important as the awakening itself, because after an awakening comes the work of integration, healing, and letting go. Then, with love and a one-pointed faith in God, we can realize our position with the Divine. We transcend the world of duality by ceasing to live in the world of opposites where everything is weighed and measured. We begin to live a non-dual existence through experiencing oneness with God and becoming a co-creator with the Divine.

After my awakening, I often found it difficult to be around other people. I needed time to ground and stabilize my experience in the new place I found myself. As you awaken, you will sometimes need to take breaks from the world. However, there will also be times when it’s important to return to the world. Sharing myself during such times furthered my growth and the growth of others. As our consciousness grows, we begin to attract new people and experiences into our lives. The more I worked on raising my consciousness, the more I understood that the world around me seemed happy to stay right where I had left it. Seeing the lack of growth in the world was very frustrating at times. I didn’t realize that the frustration I felt was my own “spiritual ego.” The judgments I was holding were just another commentary running in my mind. I would think things like, “People are shallow,” or I would look down on them because they were seeking their peace by acquiring material objects. Holding these views and judgements was no different than the ones I had before I became more “conscious;” I was still living in my mind and allowing my ego to have its way with me. When we judge people, it’s a sign that we have moved back into our minds and away from the silence within. I learned that it’s far more important to embrace the world with compassion and radical acceptance.  

How Our Awakening Serves the World

Our individual awakening expands consciousness in the world, extending into all of our interactions and creating an energetic resonance that we cannot see. We might never know how we contribute to others, but rest assured, we are making an impact because of our willingness to know ourselves. The impact we make happens in the non-linear domain of energy and spirit, where time and space do not exist. Our awakening will deeply affect our friends, family, and immediate surroundings. In the awakened state, what we say and do contributes to the world’s evolution in consciousness. Most significantly is the higher energy of unconditional love we emit into the world. All of this points to the importance of continuing to awaken into higher states of consciousness.

Consciousness has no limits, nor is it restricted by our perceived separateness from others. In this non-linear domain, the masters, sages, and saints are still among us. As we awaken, we begin to make deeper connections with them; they are here to guide us into actualizing our purpose.

Finding Courage

After an awakening, you might feel shy about expressing the “new you because those who know us expect us to be the same as we have always been. There is a natural tendency to hold people in the last place we left them. We might find ourselves running into resistance from others who have a hard time accepting that we have changed because it challenges them to let go of our shared past with them. However, our past doesn’t define us, and we don’t have to accept others trying to keep us there.

May this body of Divinely guided knowledge further your awakening and open you to experience the true wonder of God. The reality of what IS already lives within you. This book will enliven that reality.

Bless you, and may you experience lightspeed on your journey.

Ned Burwell

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